Crystal Glass Water Bottle

Crystal Glass Water Bottle is a stylish and functional way to infuse your drinking water with the energy of crystals. It features a glass bottle with a removable crystal chamber at the base, allowing you to insert your favourite gemstone or crystal. Apart from, we are offering in reasonable amount at a valuable quantity at an affordable cost. 

Features: This bottle not only looks elegant but also harnesses the vibrational properties of crystals to enhance your drinking water. Choose your crystal based on its specific benefits to promote holistic wellness.

Product Details:

Type Water Bottle
Material Crystal Glass
Clarity Excellent Clarity And Transparency
Pattern Plain
Surface Finish Painted
Shape Round
Capacity Varies Depending On Design
Leakproof Requires A Secure Lid Or Stopper To Prevent Leaks
Lid Material Stainless Steel, Plastic
Lid Design Screw-top, Flip-top, Straw Lid
Aesthetics Elegant And Sophisticated Design
Care Instruction Hand Washing Recommended For Longevity
Cost Affortable
Application Homes, Travelling And Gifting
Features Easy To Carry, Versatile Deasign, Promote Holistic Wellness, High Strength
Manufacturer Crystal Original Agate
Country Of Origin India
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