Crystal Pencil

Crystal Pencils are cylindrical gemstone tools meticulously carved from various crystals and minerals. They often have a pointed tip and can be used for energy work, meditation, and healing practices. We are fulfilling the basic needs of customers all over India with the complete quality measures. 

Features: Crystal Pencils are versatile tools for channeling and directing energy. Different crystals offer unique energetic properties, making them valuable tools for focusing intention and balancing energy centers.

Product Details:

Type Pencil
Material Crystal
Crystal Shape: Point
Crystal Colour Multicolours
Design Contemporary
Pattern Solid
Metal Findings Clasps, Jump Rings, Etc
Style Simple, Wrapped
Quality Best Quality
Crack Resistance Yes
Cleaning Clean Crystal With A Damp Cloth
Usage Energy Work, Meditation And Healing Practices
Features Easy To Hang, Long Lasting, Attractive Look, Cost Effective
Supply By Crystal Original Agate
Country Of Origin India
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