Tumbled Stones

Tumbled Stones are small, polished gemstones that have been smoothed and rounded through a tumbling process. They are commonly used for healing, meditation, and as pocket-sized energy companions. We are offering in the perfect packaging material to save it surface measures. 

Features: Tumbled Stones come in a wide array of gemstone varieties, each with its own unique properties and energy. They are convenient for carrying with you, placing on chakras, or creating crystal grids for specific intentions and purposes.

Product Details:

Made From Stones
Quality Best Quality
Shape Oval, Round, Square
Colour Multicolour
Pattern Plain
Finish Type Polished
Appearance Antique
Gemstone Size 5-10mm
Stone Type Tumbled
Technique Hand Made
Application Commercial
Usage Jewellery, Craft, Awards, Collectibles, Decorations And Gifting
Features Excellent Design, Perfect Shape, Non-Breakable, And Hard Structure
Condition New
Minimum Order Quality According To Customer Demand
Manufacture By Crystal Original
Country Of Origin India
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